Answers to your Questions about Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance and Installation Services.

Do we offer financing?

Yes – We offer financing for qualified homeowners. Please call for information or visit this link:

Service Finance Company

Synchrony Bank

What is preventative maintenance? How is this done?

Preventative maintenance is cleaning and adjustment performed to your system for seasonal preparation (Spring and Fall) You should have maintenance done on your system regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent possible problems that may occur in the future.

Don’t forget to change your filter.  Routine filter replacement is no substitute for annual maintenance performed by a professional, but is critical to ensuring optimum heating and cooling equipment performance and indoor air quality.

What is the life expectancy of my unit?

For specific equipment, there are many variables that affect life expectancy, and of course, the regularity of routine maintenance. The average life of most units range from 12-15 years.

What is a SEER rating?

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is how the efficiency of your cooling equipment is measured. The SEER is the amount of cooling your system will deliver per dollar spent on electricity, as compared to other systems. The higher the SEER the more efficient the system will be. The SEER rating of a new heat pump or air conditioner can range anywhere from 14 to 30.5 for ductless mini split systems and 14 to 25.5 for conventional systems.